Monday, March 26, 2012

The language of truth - repéré

If you ever become a parent the french word "repéré" will become very real to you . " Son 'repéré' thyself " you will say. Mothers unfortunately seem to get the job mostly in our modern woosy West .
Not good , because it usually takes a lot of resistance to get repéré to happen ( the word repair and repentance are derivatives ) . Most importantly, if kids don't get the idea to repéré ( Be honest you lied and you are kidding yourself now go back and do it properly , get it RIGHT ) at home it's much harder for the teacher of 20 to ensure it happens. " Go back and do it again till you get it right. There are enough con artists out there without U trying to compete "
" No you did not do what you said you would do . Now go and do it!" repéré. You didn't get it right
And now the paid PCorrect want the Oxford dictionary to remove the words "repent" and "sin". Well remove them they well might, but new again they will be because even denial or distortion can't hide the proper description of a real problem and a real solution (Good teachers keep you in class till you get it right rather than lumber you with the legacy of failure)
What happens if repéré doesn't happen? Handicaps of the mind no less - lifelong if they are not addressed . Condemnation of the person . Thus repéré is one of the most important words we can use and learn and learn to use well.

(This is No1 of a series of 4 words critical to a good education and a sound personal growth strategy. Each word is chosen from a different language to demonstrate the value of the idea behind it and the danger of lumbering logomachists abusing the words. The next word is the Hebrew word "radah")

What has all this got to do with sussing the substance? Well , however much
the moral reactionaries
want to deny the need for talk of repéré and sin , similar words are already becoming part of the language . Even non believers are calling for "remorse , apology and restitution " . Far better to use the word that properly targets the problem - ie repéré. Talk of sin and repéré avoids the worst kind of result --condemnation of the person .To talk of sin is to talk straight to the problem ( Sin -means missing the mark) and avoids the personal jibe .The reactionaries answer is not really an answer at all

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